The Idea

Modelling Factory is a virtual working space, where individuals and organisations can test and share their ideas on how to advance material efficiency and sustainable circular economy by creating different types of computational models and design solutions and validating them against measured and simulated data from industrial, environmental and academic sources.

Modelling Factory platform

  • supports hierarchical computational modeling with different levels of details (materials, component and system level)
  • helps developing new insights into obtaining, using, and recovering materials
  • enables faster product design cycles of new product ideas
  • integrates circular economy aspects with material's value chain
  • serves authorities, businesses and educators.

Picture of Modelling Factory Design Desktop used to create web user interfaces of published models



Network LCA

Network Life Cycle Assessment (Network LCA) provides value chain level footprint computation for design and decision-making needs of interacting operators over the entire life cycle from raw materials acquisition to recycling.

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Materials modeling

M&S driven materials design based on Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) is arising as an approach to discover and deploy performance tailored novel material solutions meeting specific functionality profiles.

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Online LCA

The Online LCA Model will provide a framework for LCA calculations based on industrial process data and will serve as a show-case on how real-time LCA calculations can benefit industrial production planning and operation.

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