Corrosion is the most important materials failure mechanism in industry and annually responsible for the costs amounting approximately to 2 trillion €. The aims of this work are to provide tools that allow to minimize the corrosion losses in raw materials sector by providing real-time information on materials performance of corrosion-resistant alloys under the harsh operation conditions, and by further elaborating the information in the corrosion prediction and materials selection tool with the use of computational modelling.


Internationally, ambitious targets for reducing Green House Gases (GHG) emissions are setting challenges for complex systems engineering in the energy, manufacturing and transport sectors. For example, the EU has set a target of reducing GHG emissions 20% by 2020 and 40% by 2030. Rechargeable car batteries play a vital role in reducing carbon footprint, but they contain several different types of heavy metal and toxic chemical wastes.


Interactive Learning Environment for Technology-based Startups (ILE4Tech) helps future entrepreneurs to:

  • (A) design 5-years pro-forma financial statements for rapid business plan creation
  • (B) simulate strategic decisions to improve survival rate and support growth,
  • (C) produce fundamental analysis and company/idea valuation,
  • (D) foster entrepreneurial education, training & research,

in risk-free, enjoyable, realistic and interactive simulation environment.



  • Demonstration of metal powder 3D printing.
  • The computational models to be replaced by more up to date versions.
  • Same GUI as in AM Design Hub

AM Design Hub

  • LCC analysis (simple demonstration) coupled with materials model
  • Genuine co-simulation
  • Sample solvers to be replaced with better quality models in the near future.